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St. Pete's First Hemp Derived THC
Sip & Shop Consumption Bar  

We're excited to announce that Rasta Canna Bar is rebranding to Waves NA Beverage House! This change reflects our expanded offerings beyond THC beverages. Now, you can enjoy a wider variety of drinks, including Kava, Kratom, and mushroom beverages. Join us in celebrating this new chapter as Waves NA Beverage House, where you can find your favorite non-alcoholic beverages all in one place.


Join us for a memorable experience that promises laughter, relaxation, and a new way to enjoy life's moments. Rasta Canna: where joy meets wellness.

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Mango OG


Craft Cannabis Beverages Made to Serve. Edible Delta 9 THC Gummies made for giggles. 

Questions? Contact us! 

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