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St. Pete's First Hemp Derived THC Consumption Bar & Classy Head Shop. 

Welcome to Rasta Canna, your vibrant alternative to alcohol, designed to uplift and inspire. Dive into our world of expertly infused cannabinoid cocktails, enhanced with terpenes for a unique experience that's bound to make you smile. Explore our Cannabinoid & Terpene Drink Bible (over 30 Drinks in Rasta Canna) and discover more about our delightful concoctions.


Beyond drinks, we offer a selection of Hemp Derived THC Edibles, Vapes, Flower, Kava,and Kratom all available at Rasta Canna Bar for your enjoyment. Join us for a memorable experience that promises laughter, relaxation, and a new way to enjoy life's moments. Rasta Canna: where joy meets wellness.

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Mango OG


Craft Cannabis Beverages Made to Serve. Edible Delta 9 THC Gummies made for giggles. 

Questions? Contact us! 

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