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What is Kava?

Kava, also known as Piper methysticum, is a remarkable plant that has captivated South Pacific islanders for generations. Its roots are harvested, dried, and ground into a powder to make a soothing tea, which is what we commonly refer to as Kava. Bursting with kavalactones, compounds known for their calming properties, Kava brings about a peaceful state of mind.

Traditionally used in ceremonies, Kava has been enjoyed for over 3000 years, not only for reducing stress and anxiety but also for enhancing mood and improving sleep quality. Learn more about Kava here!


How will it make me feel?

Leilo promotes a state of relaxation, happiness, and tranquility. Prepare yourself for a blissful journey, where you can find contentment without feeling overwhelmed.


As kava enters your system, you'll experience a wave of calmness, well-being, and a sense of peace. Worries and stress melt away, and racing thoughts slow down, allowing your muscles to relax. When you take a sip of Leilo, you'll notice a delightful tingling sensation on your tongue. Embrace this feeling, as it signifies the exceptional quality of our kava, working its magic.


What does it taste like?

Imagine the delightful fusion of sparkling water and soda - Leilo is flavorful yet refreshingly light!

Traditional Kava is known for its earthy and bitter taste which can be difficult to get accustomed to but our drinks are smooth and flavored. Using our patented "taste blocker technology" we preserve all the fantastic benefits of kava root while delivering a truly unique Kava experience.

How much do I need to drink to feel the effects?


One can of Leilo equals one recommended serving of Kava, packed with a potent 750mg of premium 30% kava extract.
This means you get a generous 225mg of kavalactones per can (the daily maximum suggested serving of kava according to FDA guidelines).

Think of the relationship between kava and kavalactones just like that of coffee and caffeine; coffee is the ingredient (like kava), and caffeine is the active component (like kavalactones).


How long do the effects take to kick-in/last?

Many people experience the effects of Leilo within 5-15 minutes.
The journey begins with a delightful numbing sensation on the lips, tongue, and mouth, setting the stage for a wave of mental and physical relaxation.
The uplifting effects of Leilo can last anywhere between 1 to 3 hours, while the soothing and stress-relieving effects have the potential to linger even longer.

For maximum impact, it's recommended to enjoy kava on an empty stomach.

Now, let's address a few other possibilities. Sometimes, your body needs time to adjust to the active ingredients in kava, which means the effects may take longer to kick in. Occasionally, it may require a few consecutive days, or even weeks, of indulging in kava to fully experience its wonders, this is referred to as "Reverse Tolerance" meaning the more kava you drink, the less you will need to feel the same effect.

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