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Elevate Your Experience

Introducing the Rasta Canna Gummies, each infused with 5mg of THC derived from premium hemp. Perfectly crafted for those who enjoy the refined pleasures of rosé wine, these gummies offer a balanced, mellow high with a consistent and enjoyable experience every time.


Refined Rosé Flavor

Our Rosé-flavored gummies capture the essence of your favorite wine with a sophisticated blend of floral notes and subtle sweetness. The complexity of this flavor is achieved through a delicate fusion of ripe berries, light citrus, and a hint of floral undertones, creating a taste sensation reminiscent of a fine rosé. Each bite offers a refreshing burst of juicy berries, balanced with the light acidity of citrus, and finishes with a smooth, floral aftertaste, mirroring the elegant experience of sipping a chilled glass of rosé.



The 5mg THC content in each gummy ensures a gentle yet effective high. Users can expect:

  • Euphoria: A pleasant and uplifting mood boost.
  • Relaxation: A calming wave that eases both mind and body.
  • Creativity: Enhanced focus and a spark of creativity for your tasks or hobbies.
  • Social Enjoyment: Perfect for social gatherings, providing a light and enjoyable buzz.

The Rasta Canna Difference

  • Consistency: Precise THC dosing for a reliable experience.
  • Quality: Hemp-derived THC ensuring purity and compliance.
  • Flavor: Superior taste with no aftertaste, thanks to our high-quality flavoring techniques.

Experience the perfect blend of flavor and effect with Rasta Canna Gummies. Whether you're winding down after a long day or looking to elevate your social gatherings, our Rosé flavor gummies are your ideal companion. Savor the complexity, enjoy the effects, and embrace the Rasta vibe.

Rose Gummies | 5mg THC

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