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Check out our latest addition: Hemp Flower Pre-Rolls, featuring the legendary Sour Diesel sativa strain. Each pre-roll is packed with 1.5 grams of top-notch bud, carefully chosen for an awesome smoking session. With a pack of 6, you're all set for some serious chill vibes.


But let's break it down for you: Hemp Flower is the real deal before it gets you high. It's packed with all the good stuff you love without the psychoactive effects. And when it comes to Sour Diesel, you know you're in for a treat – it's got that classic diesel aroma with a hint of citrus that hits just right.

Sourced straight from a local hemp farm, these pre-rolls are all about keeping it real. It's our way of saying, "Hey, we care about quality and supporting our local growers."


So, if you're ready to kick back, relax, and dive into some seriously good vibes, grab yourself some Hemp Flower Pre-Rolls. Get ready to experience Sour Diesel in a whole new way – it's gonna be lit!

Sour Diesel | 9 Grams | Hemp Flower | 6 Joints (1.5 Grams each)

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