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Our silky smooth Lavender Raspberry is magically infused with a 2mg microdose of THC to take the edge off, 4mg THCV for clarity, & 6mg CBD to calm the mind.

Every can possesses a base of real sparkling cactus water sourced from the highest quality prickly pear cactus in the Southwest United States & Mexico. Magic Cactus THC non-alcoholic drinks boast immediate notes of red raspberry followed by light lavender for a smooth mouthfeel (even though we hate that word). 


Magic Cactus drinks are packed with real, functional ingredients. Every can contains l-theanine, a natural adaptogen from green tea, to inspire tranquility for the modern mind, magnesium to regulate the brain & body, and potassium to replenish.

All with zero added sugar, Magic Cactus emphasizes quality without calories to provide a healthier, sophisticated beverage option for adults seeking a mindful alternative to alcohol. Magic Cactus is a wildcrafted combination of ancient remedies that drinks like a modern elixir - a unique consumption experience that honors the tradition of alcohol and revitalizes the body and mind. Cheers to Tomorrow.


All cannabinoids are derived from natural hemp with less than 0.3% THC. Must be 21+ to purchase and receive delivery. 

Sparkling Cactus Water | Lavender Raspberry

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